Where is my spot…

I recently started a new job, and with recently I mean 3 months ago. One month of that was training, and then I was initiated as a Floor Manager at quite a busy branch of a well-known restaurant chain.

The restaurant business is nothing new to me, I worked for five years at a Restaurant & Hotel before deciding to spread my wings into the dark abyss of ‘corporate hospitality’.

Every second is new and exciting and fun, but getting to work with a management team has exposed me to so many new aspects of personalities.

With four very different people working towards the same goal, you will have so many headbutting and gossiping, that is expected. What I didn’t expect was to be the one person they would all try to support… They all continuously tell me about what bright future I have with the company, wanting me to do more, be better, go forward. Maybe it is because I am the newest member of the team and they are actually just coddling me, but, and this thought scares me so much, maybe it is because I can really do it.

It scares the shit out of me to think I might one day be a GM of a restaurant, take full responsibility for a staff of 80 and more! I some days struggle to take full responsibility for me!

But, I also really like it. I enjoy the challenges I face daily and growing up daily. Learning to deal with such different personalities, learning how to better work with people, learning that your job can be both hard and fun at the same time.

My advice to myself daily is, just be present. Be who you are, stay true to yourself and do your very very best.



Finding my way back…

I am a failure when it comes to commitment, but somehow only when it comes to my creativity… I am the type of person that will start a million projects, throw myself head first into each one and then slowly fizzle out…

In the last year I have;

  • Half written 3 novels
  • started reading poetry
  • build terrain for BF’s miniature war-gaming
  • made a relationship journal
  • bullet journal
  • taken up calligraphy
  • made a few pen pals

And out of all of those I ‘might’ have forgotten about all of them… Oh, and let us not forget about the numerous times I have forgotten about my ‘blogging-vision’

But, life is about living, and boy, was I busy living this year…

I got a BF, I got a car, I got a new job, I moved in with the BF and I have never been happier. Which to me seems like a good time to re-explore the loveliness of blogging.

I am unsure what I want this blog to be, but I know I miss writing. I know I miss putting my thoughts on paper and coming back years later to laugh at my insanity. Mostly I just know that this is what I need in my life now…



I’m not one for awkward introductions, so here I am!

I have not blogged in about 3.5 years, but I had the need to get back to writing, and blogging helped with that.

This blog is unstructured, just like me. It will be a combination of photos, musings, bullet journal posts, book reviews and all things more that make me me.

I aim to blog at least once a week, hopefully more, but we never know!

Feel free to introduce yourself when you pop in!